Guidelines for authors

The recommended amount of manuscripts – up to 30 000 characters (with spaces).

Surname and initials of authors in the beginning of an article are in italics. The left alignment is necessary.

The next line specifies the title of the article, in bold font, justified alignment.

Following is reference information in Russian and English, including information about the author(s), an abstract of the article (minimum 150 words), keywords and the title of the article.

The main text and the title should be typed in Times New Roman, justified alignment, 12 PT, line spacing single. Field – upper – 2,3, lower – 1,8, left is 1.5, right – 1.5. Footnotes, automatic page, numbering is continuous, justified alignment, Times New Roman, 10 PT, single spacing, indent / tab is missing. In the footnotes publishing information is not indicated. A footnote is placed before the punctuation mark. All initials are placed without a space. Pagination is not exposed.

After the main text of the article is a list of references (unordered list in alphabetical order of ALL articles, monographs and other historiographical works that are mentioned in the article (sources to include is not necessary). The publisher should be specified.

Examples for the list of references:

Monograph: Alexander E.P. The Museum in America: Innovators and Pioneers. Walnut Creek; London; New Delhi: Altamira Press, 1997. 224 p.

Journal article: Duncan S.A. From Period Rooms to Public Trust: the Authority Debate and Art Museum Leadership in America, in Curator. 2002. Vol. 45. № 2. P. 93-108.

Article in a collection: Battro A.M. From Malraux’s imaginary museum to virtual museum, in Museums in a Digital Age. Ed by R. Parry. London: Routledge, 2010. P. 136-147.

Address for submissions: