Journal «Museum. Monument. Heritage»

ISSN 2523-5109

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Museum. Monument. Heritage is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication and discussion of academic articles, research reports and review papers on all issues related to the history, theory and practice of cultural heritage preservation and museology in Russia and abroad. The journal is published twice a year.

Its aim is to explore a range of critical issues of museum field, such as the phenomenon of museum in culture and society, philosophy of museum, forms of actualization of cultural heritage and its axiological status, the specifics of museum object and features of its perception at exhibitions, educational and communicative strategy of museum at the current stage of scientific development of the Humanities. The journal should promote a dialogue between specialists in different areas of humanitarian knowledge (philosophy, cultural studies, history, psychology, pedagogy, sociology and museum studies) on understanding of the basic questions of heritage studies and museology.

Priority areas for the journal are interdisciplinary studies, philosophy and history of museums, research work in contemporary museums, management of collections and cultural heritage. The editorial Board hopes that the articles published in the journal will allow a new look at the basic issues of museology and stimulate discussions relevant to the modern level of development of scientific knowledge.

Key title: Muzej, pamâtnik, nasledie
Abbreviated key title: Muz. pamât. nasled.
Parallel title: Museum, monument, heritage